Skelethal was born in early 2012 when Gui Haunting and Jon Whiplash decided to experiment some Death Metal tunes after the rehearsals of their Thrash Metal band Infinite Translation. Knowing each other very well and having the same influences (Late 80’s / Early 90’s Death Metal), they quickly wrote some material in order to produce a self-released demo.
It’s during summer 2012 that Jon and Gui locked up themselves and recorded the ‘Morbid Ovation Demo’. Gui took the guitars and lead vocals, Jon the drums and vocals. Bass parts were shared between them. Having the purpose to achieve everything alone Jon drew the artwork. Fifty copies of the demo were originally pressed before being repressed by Disharmonic Records and Caligari Records.

Since the demo was well received, Gui and Jon decided to go further. They wrote new songs and recorded ‘Deathmanicvs Revelation’ in September 2013. It’s the famous German label Iron Bonehead Productions who pressed this second effort on MLP on April 2014. Caligari Records produced the tape.

Due to all the good feedback received, Jon and Gui decided to search musicians to perform on stage. Hélène joined the band in February 2014 as live rhythm guitar player and Simon from Maleficence joined the band in March 2014 as live lead guitar player. With Gui on the bass and lead vocals and Jon on drums and vocals, Skelethal was more than ready to hit the stage and spread their hymns of death around the world. Lucas from Mortal Scepter joined the band in August 2014 to replace Simon.

In late 2014, Skelethal recorded another EP called ‘Interstellar Knowledge of the Purple Entity’ also released by Iron Bonehead Prods (LP) and Caligari Records (tapes). With that Ep, Skelethal continues to exhume the origins of Death Metal. Like Deathmanicvs Revelation, the entire artwork was drawn by Jon and explores cosmic ways of death. In one year, gigs were performed in several countries such as France, USA, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia.


Morbid Revelations
CD - 12€


For the very first time on CD format, French Death Metallers SKELETHAL chronologically compiles an anthology of ghastly filth-ridden Death Metal!

Collating from the group's latest offering "Interstellar Knowledge Of The Purple Entity" and moving back to the first "Morbid Ovation" demo and as an added bonus for this compilation, SKELETHAL's special radio appearance on San Jose's KFJC 89.7FM entitled "Dead At KFJC" has been included, making "Morbid Revelations" the ultimate SKELETHAL collection to date.

Interstellar Knowledge Of The Purple Entity
Purple Haze Edition - SOLD OUT

Third SKELETHAL’s release Through IRON BONEHEAD Production on LP

Tape released by CALIGARI RECORDS

1 - Subterranean Sigh
2 - Sabbatical Demonic Invocation
3 - Interstellar Knowledge
Of The Purple Entity
4 - Slaughtered From Beyond
5 - Torn Apart (CARNAGE cover)

Deathmanicvs Revelation

Second SKELETHAL’s release Through IRON BONEHEAD Production on LP

Tape released by CALIGARI RECORDS

1 - Intro
2 - Macabre Oblivion
3 - Putrefaction
4 - Deathmanicvs Revelation
5 - Curse Of The Neverending
6 - Death Returns
7- A Violation Of Something Sacred

Morbid Ovation

First press self released

Second press released by DISHARMONIC records

Last released by CALIGARI records on a split with INISANS

1 - Death Returns
2 - Putrefaction
3 - Morbid Ovation
4 - Show Me The Wrath (SEPULTURA cover)


Deep Rising From Above / Black - Cream and Blood Red Inked

Of The Depths... / Black


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