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7 inches split with Cadaveric Fumes.

‘’Heirs of Hideous Secrecies’’ is an anthem to the occult and displays both bands fascination for death. The 7’’ also has the goal to keep the old spirit alive and show that being united is more important nowadays than ever.

We Are Skelethal

Skelethal is a two-member French band born in early 2012. Being Death Metal addicts, Gui Haunting and Jon Whiplash decided to form a band influenced by the classics : Entombed, Carnage, Morbid Angel, Pestilence, Autopsy, Death

They released one self-released demo, two Eps with the German label Iron Bonehead Productions and one compilation cd with Pulverised Records from Singapore. In 2017, the US label Hells Headbangers Records released their first full-lenght album ” Of the Depths… ”.

For live performance Skelethal are joined by Lukk from Mortal Scepter on guitar and Hélène on bass.

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